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We are Mr. + Mrs. Love Chard [Zane + Bethany] and are passionate about helping others live an overall healthy and whole-istic life! We aim to do this by our community, tools, programs, and coaching packages filled with love, information, smiles, friendship, encouragement, recipes, shopping guides, success stories, and providing educational resources.

Our mentoring/coaching programs and services provide assistance with overcoming emotional eating, pantry and fridge overhauls, shopping list and guides, helping you work through obstacles, setting and achieving your goals, exploring new whole foods, learning how to prepare dishes, and create recipes.

We are your support every step of the way–when you need it–as you transition into a much healthier and happier and fun lifestyle. The focus of Love Chard is to share the whole food, plant-based [Nutritarian] lifestyle. We feel very strongly about the positive impact that a high amount of these nutrient rich foods can do for our well-being.


lovechard-color-36Some positive effects [and others!] that we have experienced by living this lifestyle can include:


  • weight/fat loss [both in inches and on the scale]
  • decreased junk-food cravings
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower cholesterol
  • clearer skin
  • darker complexion
  • more energy
  • peaceful sleep
  • smoother breathing
  • clearer throat
  • stronger hair and fingernails
  • improved eyesight
  • clearer mind
  • happier thoughts and feelings
  • positive compliments
  • increased confidence
  • greater self-love


In addition to these amazing and life changing “side effects”, a Nutritarian lifestyle can also help fight and prevent [and in some cases, reverse] infections, diseases, pre-mature aging, heart disease, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and more. Don’t wait for a health issue to start taking care of yourself!

We help inspire you to make changes, are there for you as you transition, and encourage your progress… because we know exactly what you’re going through. We want to walk with you on your journey to transform your life. We can’t wait for you to reach that moment when you realize just how good you can really feel.

Read more about our life-changing transformations and ongoing journey about how living a Nutritarian lifestyle [filled with whole, plant-based foods, laughter, and love] not only helped us shed over 160 pounds combined… it changed and saved our lives.

“Work hard, play hard, Love Chard.”
xoxo, Mr. + Mrs. Love Chard
[Love Chard, LLC Founders]


We are so pumped to introduce Nutribabe Nation, our exclusive monthly membership site, just for you. The doors are open and if you’re ready to change your life… we’re ready for you!


So what will this mean for you? What can you expect?


  • Reach Body Freedom — HECK YASSS!
  • Lose Excess Weight
  • Overcome Emotional Eating
  • Gain Greater Self-Love
  • Crush Goals
  • Have Support + Closed Community — Daily, Weekly, Monthly…

You will be well on your way to overcoming your food addiction, lose excess weight, gain energy, feel like a total Nutribabe and have fun along the way! We can’t wait to have you… enroll here!

Mrs. Love Chard