Healthy Lifestyle Affirmations
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Changing your lifestyle can bring up a lot of mental chatter.
Affirmations can be a powerful way to redirect your thought patterns
and stay consistent with your goals.

For 14 days I'll send you intentional, guided thoughts to focus on each day.

These e-cards will allow you to bring an energizing personal enhancement
to your day and can also serve as reminders of
the important parts of your health journey.

These lifestyle affirmations e-cards can be used however you want:
  •  As your mantra for the day
  •  To refresh you if you're feeling off
  •  As reminders on your journey
  •  To guide you to make healthy decisions throughout the day
  •  Printed for your desk or to hang on our fridge
  •  Saved as your screensaver
Really... whatever feels good to you! 
There is no right or wrong way to use these cards... 
just be open to receiving them. :) 

Take these next 14 days as a time for YOU. 
To grow in health, self-care, and feel-good-ness.
Start your daily affirmations instantly! 
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