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Are Mr. and Mrs. Love Chard 100% strict Nutritarians? | Love Chard

Are Mr. and Mrs. Love Chard 100% strict Nutritarians?

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We’ve been asked a lot over the past few years:


“Are Mr. + Mrs. Love Chard all or nothing?”
“Are you guys 100% strict Nutritarian robots?”


The short answer is “No.”

Of course, we always plan to be 100%, but we are human and make some non-Nutritarian decisions from time to time just like anybody else. However, we aren’t bending to cravings and going “hog-wild” by completely overindulging on pounds of junk food.


We allow for life to happen without stressing. 


We work hard to make planned and intelligent food decisions while on the road or simply out on a date. I would say that I’m about 98% compliant/strict with my Nutritarian lifestyle while still remaining vegan… sometimes some processed vegan stuff slips in. Mr. Love Chard is probably around 95% for the most part.

This 2-5% of non-Nutritarian eating is typically while we are out at a restaurant, dinner, holiday, or other events with family and friends. Some examples include:

  • Having raw veggies and whole grain pita chips with hummus… even though the hummus and pitas probably have some olive oil and salt
  • Ordering a coffee with soy milk from Starbucks… even though the dash of soy milk may contain added sugar
  • Grabbing some vegan sushi… even though it’s served with white rice since the restaurant doesn’t carry brown rice and the tofu may be marinated with a non-compliant saue
  • Trying a friend’s homemade granola… even though it has some maple syrup, roasted sunflower seeds, and cranberries with sugar + oil
  • Having more than a couple servings of air popped/dry stove popped popcorn with liquid aminos and Nutritarian “Parmesan cheese” …ok maybe we eat entire batchs to ourselves during movie nights sometimes. 😉
  • Grabbing a Lara Bar that has added plant-based chocolate chips with some sugar — the rest of the ingredients being compliant: dates, nuts, seeds, vanilla, cinnamon
  • Hitting up Chipotle… no shame. Yes, it does have some added salt and oil, but otherwise: a veggie salad bowl with romaine, brown rice, black beans, pinto beans, peppers, onions, pico, salsa, corn, and guacamole

We aren’t perfect. There are days where we run out of mushrooms and don’t have any backup mushroom gravy, so we go without for a couple days until we go to the grocery store. That’s ok.

We definitely aren’t perfect. No way. There are times where we are traveling and don’t get our large salad in that day. And that’s ok. We’ll most likely double up on leafy greens the following few days.

Additionally, there are the occasional non-compliant things that we eat from time to time. Guys, if this happens… that’s ok.

The important thing to note is to not make habits of these occasions. It’s also very imperative to not use these as frequent excuses to eat poorly. What helps us is to not bring anything non-Nutritarian compliant in our home. Keeping our home free and clean of junk food, oils, refined sugars, chips, meat, dairy, etc. is a must for us!

As mentioned, this lifestyle is not a make or break situation or something to completely stress out over. It is important to note that, unless you wish, you do not have to be a “perfect Nutritarian” or 100% strict to get some results and improve your health. Work towards where you want to be. Be better than the person you were yesterday!

I encourage you to take a minute to think about this:


What percent of unhealthy food is in your current dietary lifestyle from week to week?


Most of this percentage may be linked to convenience or possibly from giving into certain cravings that you struggle with. If you don’t like the number you come up with, there are a few ways to improve this stat:

  • Better meal planning – Batch cook, freezer meals, quick meals, packing coolers
  • Craving avoidance – Cravings [similar to habits] often take some level of abstinence to break
  • Hard work – Sometimes the easiest way isn’t the best way

Below is the 2012 version of the Nutritarian food plate. You will see sort of an “allowance” for 10% of calories [in total] from animal products and other non-Nutritarian foods. *NOTE: This has since been updated to less than 5% of total calories.* Dr. Fuhrman has said that this “allowance” is for people who think they can’t commit 100% to whole, plant-based foods… at least right away.




Of course, non-Nutritarian foods aren’t recommended or suggested, BUT… if you’re focusing on a Nutritarian lifestyle and eat 95% or more of your calories from whole, plant-based foods and still include other things here and there [totaling less than 5% of your total calories]… you’re a million steps ahead of where you once were.


Remember: we are helping you create a lifestyle, not enforcing you to a prison sentence.


Learn more about how to be a rock star, life-lovin’ Nutribabe! I am so pumped to introduce Nutribabe Nation, our exclusive monthly membership site, JUST FOR YOU. The doors are open and if you’re ready to change your life… we’re ready for you!


So what will this mean for you? What can you expect?


  • Reach Body Freedom — HECK YASSS!
  • Lose Excess Weight
  • Overcome Emotional Eating
  • Gain Greater Self-Love
  • Crush Goals
  • Have Support + Closed Community — Daily, Weekly, Monthly…

You will be well on your way to overcoming your food addiction, lose excess weight, gain energy, feel like a total Nutribabe and have fun along the way! Grab more info and enroll to be a Nutribabe here!

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