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That one time I brought a cantaloupe to a bowling alley... | Love Chard

That one time I brought a cantaloupe to a bowling alley…

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A couple years ago, Mr. Love Chard and I were headed to hang out with friends and go bowling for the evening. I had just gotten off work after a long day and Zane was on his way to pick me up. I had a pretty filling salad and soup for lunch, but I knew we weren’t really going to be in a place that would cater to my whole food, plant-based way of eating.

I wasn’t too hungry at the moment, but I had to think ahead. I didn’t want toxic food or temptation later that night to take over, so I created a plan: I picked up some things from the produce department: half a cantaloupe, small container of watermelon, and a cashew Lara Bar [made with just cashews and dates and vanilla].


And so I smuggled my cantaloupe into the bowling alley.


It worked — maybe the staff just thought it was my bowling ball. We bowled, we laughed, my friends ordered drinks and bar food, and ate my half a cantaloupe with my plastic fork [along with my watermelon and cashew bar].

Was this a “normal” dinner for me? No. But was this an ideal dinner? Yes! At the time and given the circumstances, yes. I could have just said “Screw it!” and ordered what my friends were having.


Instead, I stayed strong. I remained true to my WHYs and my goals. I didn’t let a social situation derail me.


Some people laughed and poked fun, but I embraced it. Being the talk of the evening as I ate my half a cantaloupe… I felt good. I knew I was winning at life at that moment — taking care of myself, my health, and fighting off any lingering temptations. If I would have given in, chances are I would have gotten sick, felt psychically ill, and not been happy with myself. Instead, I felt amazing and had no negative side effects.


I WON!!! I mean, I lost at bowling…. but I won at life.


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Mrs. Love Chard


  • Lisa Martin

    This is really poignant, because it’s moments like these that set us back or even totally destroy our efforts so that we give up. Making it through moments like these successfully are deal breakers. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to plan ahead and follow your lead. I want to end up where you are!

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