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Salad has been the go-to staple “health” food since forever.


It comes packaged with a wider array of healthy, life-enhancing micronutrients than any other meal… so why aren’t most people eating them every day? One of the reasons, sadly, may be due to how we think salads make us feel: unappetizing, boring, non-filling, rabbit-like, etc.

I don’t blame you if you have those exact feelings. I used to feel the same way until I found out how to truly create amazing gourmet salads and understand all the benefits that came along with it:


1. Weight Loss & Feeling Lighter: 

You know those heavy, calorie-dense meals that just make you feel like you won’t need to eat until next week again? Gourmet salads are completely the opposite. You can eat a filling 1+ pound salad, feel light on your toes to do anything afterwards… and they promote weight loss at the same time! Leafy greens and other whole food salad toppings are among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. This also means they are among the least calorie-dense of all foods as well. So fill up to satisfaction!


2. Fullness & Less Snacking:

Whole food, plant-based gourmet salads filled with leafy greens, non-starchy vegetables, beans, fruit, and mushrooms are packed with fiber which is what keeps us full for longer. Fiber also helps our digestion work properly. When you eat salad until you are full, you may have less of  those midday/midnight cravings that in part come from fiber-less “foods” such as meat or dairy. It’s true… neither meat or dairy contain a drop of fiber.


3. More Energy:

Remember talking about those calorie-dense meals that make you want to lay out on the couch and not do anything for the rest of the day? Well that’s not the case here. Many people think that the best source of energy is protein, but the fact is we don’t receive energy from protein. The energy our body uses comes from carbohydrates [leafy greens, other vegetables, fruit, etc.] and fat [avocado, nuts, seeds, etc.] Gourmet salads come packed with the proper amount of micro-nutrients AND macro-nutrients that give our body the energy it needs to go… ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!


4. Less Boring:

We’re not talking about a few shreds of iceberg lettuce, a few carrots, and a limp tomato… those salads are SO LAST YEAR. There are an unlimited amount of combinations for gourmet salads that will keep your taste buds guessing and make you feel excited to try the next one. For instance, there are many meals that I like to prepare such as plant-based spaghetti with bean noodles… but there are only so many ways I can make it before it gets boring. Each of our salads at the Love Chard Headquarters are different every day… making each one more exciting than the last.


Let’s be honest for a sec…


When is the last time you had a large, delicious, gourmet salad?


Take the stress and overwhelm of salad building out of your head, out of your kitchen, and out of your life with our How to Build a Nutri-BOMB Salad course.

[Side note: You can get the salad course AND SO MUCH MORE in Nutribabe Nation, our monthly membership site! Grab more details, testimonials, FAQs by clicking here.]

We used to eat salad like this: A few leaves of iceberg lettuce topped with tons of meat, shredded cheese, greasy croutons, and doused in oily dressing… every time.

Most of the time, I’d finish it and think to myself, “I’ve been super healthy today… I deserve a big bowl of ice cream!”

This was how the inside of my mind worked not that long ago. Did I really deserve more bloat, fatigue, heart burn, excess weight? The problem was not that I didn’t have access to the correct information… Google did exist after all. Simply put, I resisted exercising the mental motivation necessary to make a healthy change.


That is what’s sooooo amazing about our salad course! Everything about gourmet salad construction is set up just for you. There is no:

  • Googling
  • Asking around
  • Not knowing what to do with the ingredients


We’ve done a lot of the work for you. It’s all right in front of you at your finger tips, you just need to say “YES!” to making a change.


In this self-paced salad course, you get:

  • Video lessons
  • Salad building video tutorials
  • Mrs. Love Chard dancing… obviously
  • Handy resources and print outs
  • Some new recipes
  • A few jokes
  • Check-ins, action steps, and mini challenges


You won’t be repeating the same salads over and over anymore. At end of this course, you AND your salads will be more vibrant, healthful, and fulfilled. We will show you exactly how to make that happen! You’ll discover a lot about salads… and probably a bit about yourself, too.


Grab more details + enroll in the salad course by clicking here.




Get the salad course AND SO MUCH MORE in Nutribabe Nation, our monthly membership site! Grab more details, testimonials, FAQs by clicking here.



  • Kim Bryant

    Hello, I bought the salad course when you first put it out. I thought it was wonderful and it transformed my salads. Thank you so much! I thought the course came with the hummus ebook. Am I mistaken? I can’t access it from the course.

    • Mrs. Love Chard

      YAY So happy to hear that you loved the Salad Course, Kim! Yes, you grabbed the bundle back in April [The Hummus eCookbook was sent via email on April 5th]. I’ll send you another one to your inbox now! 🙂

  • Linda

    Is this course still available without joining nutribabe nation? When I click the links for learning more about the course, it just sends me back to this page. Salads are the thing I struggle
    Most with and would love to have this available to me. Since it is self paced, does that mean I will be able to access it whenever I need a refresher? Thanks so much for all of this info! I love nutritarian eating, but definitely struggle with emotional eating. Your website is amazing!

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