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Reading THIS could save your life

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There’s a reason you’re getting this message…

Do you ever wonder if anyone out there really UNDERSTANDS you or what you’re going through?

I think I may know just a little bit about you…


  • You’re wanting – really wanting – to make some more solid lifestyle changes.
  • …but nothing has stuck.
  • You’ve tried and feel like you’ve failed… over and over and over and over and over…
  • You’re not where you want to be, and you know you can get there.
  • But HOW?
  • Why would this time be any different?
  • Maybe you’re struggling.
  • Maybe emotional eating has taken it’s toll.
  • Maybe you feel alone, embarrassed, like no one gets you.
  • Maybe you really aren’t sure where to turn.
  • But you so desperately want this. So bad.
  • You just want to get out of this hole and feel better and you’re looking for THE answer.

Am I close? Keep reading…


Now is the time to make a change. I know the feeling… it’s been long enough. I’m here to tell you some things that you NEED to hear.

  • Failure doesn’t exist. You either accomplish it and win, or you learn and grow. Both are forms of success.
  • You have everything needed in you to reach your goals.
  • The right tools, guidance, and action steps handed right to you will get you there faster… and will be WAY more fun than figuring things out on your own.



I recently asked what you are proud of yourself for. One of the answers I received made me blush… but also SO PROUD:


I am so confident in inviting you to trust me, allow me to be your coach, and join Nutribabe Nation. If you’re ready to transform, you will not regret it.

Not only have I transformed myself [losing over 80 pounds, overcame emotional eating, reaching total body freedom, and so much more…] but I have help HUNDREDS of people do the same thing.

And I won’t stop. 🙂


Make yourself a priority. Get results. Change your life.


OH, one more thing! Our lead recipe developer for Nutribabe Nation, Chloe, has a special coupon code just for you! There are only 7 spots left, so now is time to jump in! Use coupon code: CLEAN44 at checkout for 10% off your monthly membership for LIFE!


“I needed more… and this site and membership are more than I had ever hoped for. All of the resources are excellent and it has me grateful each day. I love you and all of the Nutribabes! Thank you!!!
-Lisa F., Nutribabe Nation member


xoxo, Bethany [Mrs. Love Chard]
PS: Questions? Click here and ask away! I will respond personally. 🙂


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