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2015-04-16_0065_editedMrs. Love Chard [Bethany Stec Janicek], Love Chard, LLC Founder: I was always on a weight loss “journey” from as early as elementary school. Fad and crash diets, watching portions, counting calories, skipping meals, you name it.


Then… something just clicked.


It may have been an array of things:

  • always being the “bigger friend”
  • having trouble shopping for and fitting into clothes
  • not being able to cross my legs, go up the stairs, or even bend over to tie my shoes without getting winded and tired


Because of my weight, I battled anxiety, depression, and low self esteem from my early teens into my early 20s. My hair was thin, my skin was red and spotty, my mood and energy levels were very low, I had constant headaches, and was always sick with some thing or another.


Then, the click.


I was so tired of all that. Looking back, I remember the exact moment that changed my life. The beginning of my transformation began in late May of 2013. Over dinner at my parents house, my younger, healthy, and fit brother [Trevor] asked me how my eating and working out was going, as he always knew I was on and off of “diets”. The hard truth was [at that moment] I was 23 years old and teetering over 230 pounds. This was it. I made a promise to myself that this time was going to be different… there was no turning back. [Watch my transformation video here.]

2015-02-03 00.38.12
October 2011 | November 2014

I changed my diet first, not to completely whole food, plant-based [Nutritarian], but close. My amazing husband [boyfriend at the time], Zane, was supportive in helping me get all the junk food and animal products out of the house… and keep it out! I cut out fast food and alcohol as well and started working out [walking, jogging, and some body weight exercises] on my own. Weight was coming off!

In July 2013, Trevor introduced me to Dr. Joel Fuhrman via a PBS television special, talking about the “Nutritarian” plant based diet. After watching that special, I was hooked. I joined some plant based Nutritarian support groups on Facebook for motivation, inspiration, recipes, and more knowledge on this plant-based lifestyle. I thought, “I can eat as much micronutrient-rich foods as I want? Seriously!?” I ordered his book Eat to Live [and many of his others] and have been an avid Nutritarian ever since. I eat anything and everything from goji berry chili, black bean brownies, homemade hummus with veggies, banana “nice” cream, black forest cream of mushroom soup, peach cobbler with almond cashew whip, bean and pepper enchiladas, wheat berry and walnut taco salad, Nutritarian chocolate cheesecake, caramel pumpkin dip with apples, gourmet salads with homemade nut and fruit based dressings…all 100% whole food plant based. No dairy, no meat, no processed sugars, no oils, and no bleached flours. I took on every challenge to make any dish into a nutritious, whole food, plant-based one.

Woman's World Magazine Photoshoot, November 2014
Woman’s World Magazine Photoshoot, November 2014

In late August 2013 I hired a personal trainer, Keith, to help me on the workout end with technique and motivation… I didn’t know what I was doing or how to work out. Seriously. I also discovered mud run obstacle courses [Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac, etc]. I am obsessed! I have completed 9 to date, and am not stopping now. With this new found energy I also got back into jogging, tennis, and running hills.

After a few months, my family and friends began noticing a change in me, and words of encouragement began coming in. I became super close to a long-distance friend, Kristi, who is passionate about health, fitness, and nutrition as well. She’s been my rock, so supportive and there for me every day… even from 1,000 miles away. I’m not really sure how I ever lived life without her!

By Christmas 2013, I was down about 35 pounds. Around the year mark in May 2014, I was nearing 50 pounds lost. A few months later I passed 60 pounds lost. I had dropped over 7 inches on my waist, 6.5 inches around on my hips, 4.5 inches on each thigh, almost 2 inches on my calves, 1.5 inches on each upper arm, and even an inch around my neck! I had dropped over 9% body fat. My blood pressure was a healthy 103/62. I started at a women’s size 18/20ish and was then sitting at a size 10/12. My mile pace went from a 17-minute walk to around 8:20.

I was feeling amazing, but also so lonely and tired of doing this alone. I needed a partner… my partner. I got the courage to ask Zane [then fiancé] hop on board. I had asked him to participate and make changes throughout my journey thus far, but he had not been interested. This time I was bold, and asked him to do a strict 100 day 100% Nutritarian challenge with me. To my surprise, he agreed almost without thinking. Words cannot express how excited I was for him to join me in this journey.

Happy Herbivore featured photo
Happy Herbivore featured photo May 2013 | July 2014

In October of 2014, I was featured on Happy Herbivore’s blog and Facebook and shared my whole food, plant-based journey, obstacles, and successes. A few months later, she shared a photo of our wedding cake on her Facebook page which was made entirely of fruit. That photo alone got nearly 10,000 likes! Social media is insane. I had been a fan of Lindsay’s [The Happy Herbivore] for years, so these were huge milestones for me and pushed me even more to continue with this lifestyle.

In January 2015, I was published in the national magazine Woman’s World as their featured success story to a whole food, plant-based diet. The article was a little misleading by making their main focus heavy on pasta and white potatoes, where as my lifestyle’s focus was on green vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds. I do occasionally enjoy 100% whole grain pasta or a white potato here and there, but they are not my staples like non-starchy vegetables are.

October 2011 | March 2015

Late March of 2015 was our wedding and was the best day of my life. My relationship with my now husband was the best it had ever been, now that we were finally on the same page. And not only did I feel the greatest that I have ever felt, both physically and mentally, I was the lightest weight I have ever been as an adult. In fact, I called my old doctor’s office, and I haven’t been this weight since I was 10 years old!

To date, I have lost a total of over 80 pounds, maintain around a size 8ish figure, and continue to nourish my body and allow myself to get to and remain at my body’s ideal weight naturally.

In continuing to live this lifestyle, not only have I dropped a significant amount of weight, inches, and body fat and am keeping it off… I am protecting myself against diseases, infections, pre-mature aging, helping prevent cancer, stroke, heart disease, and so much more. I have higher energy, my asthma and allergies are near gone, I sleep so much better, my skin and mind are both so much clearer, headaches are rare. I feel like I discovered who I really am.

Others have reached out to me after watching my transformation. I love helping others change their lives. I just feel so great about my life and health, the whole food, plant-based nutritarian lifestyle, and where this road is taking me and others around me. I want you to feel the way I do… and I will help you get there.

I coach + support other women who are wanting serious results with this lifestyle all day, every day. Want in on personal support, guidance, laughs, and friendship with me? Get on the waiting list for Nutribabe Nation, our upcoming membership site, by clicking here.

xoxo, Mrs. Love Chard


BZ-956-2Mr. Love Chard [Zane Janicek], Love Chard, LLC Founder: I’d like to start my story in May of 2013. I owned and was running a competitive and quickly expanding business in Chicago, IL when my wife [then girlfriend] decided to start living a healthier lifestyle.

We had both struggled with our weight due to a “too busy” and “excuses filled” diet of alcohol, refined sugars, fast food, dairy, meat, and other processed foods that we had bombarded our bodies with for many years. Even while tipping the scales between 230-250lbs, I was extremely reluctant to over-haul my eating habits and lifestyle. As the year went by, I started to really see the results show with my beautiful [then] fiancé. So much in fact that when she casually asked me if I wanted to do a 100 day Nutritarian whole food, plant-based challenge with her, I said yes without hesitation.

Immediately, I gave up all of the foods that I was accustomed to, all of the drinks that I thought made me happy, and the cigarettes that I swore made me so cool and relaxed. One week went by and I noticed results instantaneously. My breathing was better, and even though I had head aches every day for the first couple weeks [from all of the built up toxins leaving my body], I felt better as a whole and I had way more energy.

January 2014 | July 2015

After a month, my body looked drastically different, the head aches were non-existent, and I noticed that my brain function was more clear. Upon completion, I weighed in at 173lbs, felt better than I ever had in my life, and no longer craved the foods that made me into the confidence-lacking person I used to be.

I can now proudly say I am in maintenance: around 165 pounds. I am so much happier and most importantly: more healthy every single day. My new aspiration has become helping people achieve the same results I have found so they can live long and healthy lives as well. I can’t wait to get to know you all over a carrot and some hummus!

-Mr. Love Chard


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