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Understanding your WHY for leading a more healthy lifestyle | Love Chard

Understanding your WHY for leading a more healthy lifestyle

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You’re on an airplane and the oxygen masks drop down. What do you do? You put on your mask first to ensure that you will be able to help others.

Everyday, masks drop down for us and we have to decide how we want to act upon them.


What is your WHY?


Your WHY is your number #1 motivator that makes you want to focus on bettering your own life and health to ensure that this driving force gets accomplished. So many of us [including myself from time to time] are focused on the things we can control now, but forget that there is more to life than just right now in the moment.


Can you have more than one WHY? Of course. What about a whole list of WHYs?


Heck yes!


For instance, maybe one of your WHYs is the need to be active with your grand kids when you are older. Now imagine being away from your own kitchen and you are presented with hunger. The oxygen masks drop down from the ceiling. You have the option of either:

[A] Helping fulfill your craving by just eating what sounds good to you now, in the moment.

[B] Helping yourself by giving your body the tools necessary to keep you healthy later in life, and fueling your body with whole, plant-based, life enhancing foods.


By choosing option B, you enable yourself to be able to play, play, play in the future.

Personally, my biggest WHY is the need to take care of my wife and others I love in the future. When certain things like toxic foods present themselves and tempt me, I think about my WHY and remember that those toxic foods will prevent me from achieving my WHY. I imagine myself 20, 30, 80 years in the future and ponder to myself:


“If I keep giving in to these unhealthy temptations, will I be the man, the provider, the friend, and the husband I need to be?”


These two examples of WHYs lean very much to the long and distant future, but your WHY can also be short term as well. Maybe your WHY is that you just want to lose weight and feel good in a bikini for next summer… and keep the weight off! That’s totally fine… whatever your driving force may be, harness that power and use it to motivate you along your exciting journey.

Everyone has a WHY. It is just a matter turning that WHY into a mentally concrete belief.

This is just one of the many facets of your mental game. It is pivotal to secure the right way of thinking before moving on with any big venture in your life.


“For you to be on the same page with others, you must first be on the same page with yourself.” -Mr. Love Chard



After securing your WHY, you will be much more motivated to abstain from toxic cravings. After withstanding any temptation for a long enough period… they all become much easier to resist.

Love yourself first! It may sound like a greedy act, but by doing so, you will be able to love others better and longer.


Need help discovering your WHYs? We can help with that.

Need help living out your WHYs? We can help with that, too!


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