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I used to be plastic wrapped version of myself

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I used to be a plastic-wrapped version of myself.

I used to care what people thought of me. “But what would so-and-so think?!”

I worried constantly about being judged… and I judged others, too.

I used to do things only to impress others.

I used to focus on what society thought I “should” do. “But that’s not NORMAL, Bethany.”

All of that… It’s not fulfilling. It attributed to me not knowing who I really was.

When I finally got a handle on my nutrition and lifestyle, I began to figure out what was actually important TO ME.

And things changed. Oh yea girl, they changed BIG. 

I began to truly light up. I started doing things that made me healthier, happier, calmer, more caring, and more like the real me that was deep down all along.

I found her. Finally.

I discovered who I am, what I love, and how I want to live… and I still am!

Spoiler alert: I’m NOT “normal.” 

This… life… all of it… It’s a lifelong, never ending journey.

And honestly? The best part is that it never ends.

YASSSS, the 80+ pound weight loss was a plus, too. 


I speak and share for those who feel stuck. Who are nervous to make changes. Who fear judgement. Who don’t know what to do next. Who need permission to find and take that next step.

Everything I do is for you.

So let’s punch fear in the face.
Find your tribe. 
Discover and be YOU.
Crush your goals.
Live proud.
LOVE others.
Eat plants.
You got this.
I got you.

P.S. Full disclosure, I’m not wearing any pants in these pictures because… why not. 

xoxo, Bethany [Mrs. Love Chard]
Nutribabe Nation Founder

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