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I used to mask all of my emotions with food. Not anymore. | Love Chard

I used to mask all of my emotions with food. Not anymore.

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unnamedNot too long ago, I used unhealthy [junk] food and alcohol to cover any emotions or feelings that I was having.


I was looking through my Facebook “memories” the other day and found these 2 now-alarming posts [pictured left].

In these examples, I was most likely upset about something specific or just having a bad day. I lied to myself that these “comfort” foods would help in some way or would make me feel better. And they may have for a few minutes, but what about after? How would I feel later?


I didn’t just mask the negative emotions with food, I celebrated with food, too:


  • Got a promotion? I would go out to eat and get drinks after.
  • Bought a new car? I took it for a spin and got fast food.
  • Had the day off from work? I ordered pizza or Chinese food.
  • Vacation? All the food… all of it.


It was always about food. I allowed unhealthful food and bad habits to be my comfort zone for years.


One day [May 19th, 2013 to be exact] it was just too much to carry out anymore… something in me changed. A click. I knew I could be happy and healthy and free myself from my dependence of these things that were literally weighing me down.

And so, I began my health transition. I didn’t really know how or where to start, but I didn’t let that stop me from learning. I abstained from unhealthy and addicting foods [and negative people] and jumped right in.

I will admit, I was terrified that I wouldn’t succeed. Was this just another “diet” that I would soon get sick of? Was I once again going to fail at trying to lose weight? I was scared. I didn’t know who I really was or who I would become.


But I didn’t quit.


2016-01-26 20.26.49
Left: 2009 | Right: 2015

I never gave up on myself. I wanted to get healthy… no, I needed to. Fast-forward to this day… I am still living the whole food, plant-based lifestyle that I transitioned into about 2.5 years ago. I lost over 80 pounds, gained self-confidence, acne disappeared for the most part, allergy and asthma symptoms reduced drastically, I have more energy… I could go on and on.


I am happier than I’ve ever been.


I am now free of the addictions and the false sense of security that junk food gave me. I now truly crave huge gourmet salads and stir fry. I love my smoothies and hummus. I am so pumped with how I feel and who I have become.


I’m free. I am finally healthy. I am finally happy. I am finally me.


Never, ever give up on yourself! I’ll never give up on you, either.


I am so pumped to introduce Nutribabe Nation, our exclusive monthly membership site, JUST FOR YOU. The doors are open and if you’re ready to change your life… we’re ready for you!


So what will this mean for you? What can you expect?


  • Reach Body Freedom — HECK YASSS!
  • Lose Excess Weight
  • Overcome Emotional Eating
  • Gain Greater Self-Love
  • Crush Goals
  • Have Support + Closed Community — Daily, Weekly, Monthly…


Gain your life back and enroll here!!!


You will be well on your way to overcoming your food addiction, lose excess weight, gain energy, feel like a total Nutribabe and have fun along the way!

Mrs. Love Chard

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